Integrating the quantum world.

For many fields of research as well as industry the detection of light quanta at the single-photon level is necessary. At Pixel Photonics we build scalable high-performance single-photon detectors based on superconducting nanowires. With our unique technology we bring single-photon detection and integrated optics together.


With our waveguide-integrated single-photon detectors we combine integrated photonics and state-of-the-art single photon detection. Unlike other approaches, our technology is inherently scalable and satisfies the requirements of quantum optics applications.

We deliver the highly parallelized, efficient and ultra-fast single-photon detection that drives research in many areas from imaging to quantum cryptography.


Our team with years of research experience in the area of single-photon detection, nanofabrication and entrepreneurship is working hard to deliver the unique features and superb characteristics to research labs and enterprises around the world.

We are closely collaborating with strong research groups at the University of Münster. Our in-house fabrication infrastructure and cooperation with the Münster Nanofabrication Facility allows us to address customer-specific demands individually and as needed.

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